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2023-08-28 The state will not save us from climate catastrophe
2023-05-01 Opportunistic critiques
2023-04-23 Gardening (sort of)
2023-01-11 Quiet lately
2022-11-01 Twitter and autonomy
2022-10-03 The State vs the climate
2022-09-22 Re: Right wing politics on Gemini
2022-09-05 Sneakernets and other networks
2022-08-20 Social media
2022-08-12 In defense of geocentricism
2022-08-08 Libraries, the Internet we were promised, and the Internet we got
2022-08-04 Re: Human Un-nature
2022-08-03 Re: Freedom, Ownership, Infrastructure, and Hope
2022-08-01 Why I’m not a doomer (anymore)
2022-07-19 Prefiguring community
2022-07-09 Baby blues
2022-07-04 Freedom and minority rule
2022-06-30 On choosing a text editor
2022-06-17 Resurrecting an old ThinkPad
2022-06-14 Re: The useful part of cryptocurrency
2022-06-05 Nature
2022-06-04 Markdown and Gemtext
2022-05-26 Metric paper
2022-05-25 Arguments against the metric system
2022-05-24 Re: The Case for Slow-Mo Driving
2022-05-18 The Cyborg and the State
2022-05-15 90s internet nostalgia
2022-05-12 Distributed platforms vs. “complexity”
2022-05-09 TTRPGs
2022-05-04 Free speech again (getting very ranty)
2022-05-02 Free speech and power
2022-04-29 Quality computer time
2022-04-16 It’s okay to update inconsistently
2022-03-14 Computer work is exhausting
2022-01-24 Re: The Sad Economics of Lightbulbs
2022-01-15 Reading to children (Re: Moby Dick)
2022-01-07 [Solved] Help request: SSL Certificates from Ariane to Lagrange
2021-11-23 Ecofascism and “lifeboat ethics”
2021-11-04 Just-so stories about societal development
2021-10-16 Family update
2021-08-25 Building a community around renewable energy
2021-07-29 Design for disassembly
2021-07-14 Degrowth and “permacomputing”
2021-07-07 Re: “We need everyone to come back into the office.”
2021-07-06 Case study: the luffa
2021-06-30 Engagement!
2021-06-29 Heat waves
2021-06-15 Gemini is useful
2021-06-14 Working to live
2021-06-07 Running Linux again

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