Reading to children (Re: Moby Dick)

イェンス finds that Moby Dick is inappropriate for a five year old

Coincidentally, I’m reading Moby Dick to my infant right now. When they were born a few months back, I fell into the habit of just reading whatever book I was working through, aloud, when I was trying to get them to bed. After I finished my last one (which was wildly inappropriate for children who are old enough to comprehend language), I decided that I would read one last age-inappropriate novel before making the switch to children’s literature. It felt like a good time to finally tackle Melville’s Tome.

It helps that it’s free through Project Gutenberg. I’m about 15% of the way through, and I’ve read every word out loud from my phone screen. Not a traditional way to approach the text, but it’s quite engrossing...

...for me. It puts the baby right to sleep.