Free speech again (getting very ranty)

Okay, one more post that’s vaguely on the topic of “free speech”, and then I promise I’m done for a while.

I think my beliefs can be summed up as something like the following.

I’m happy to talk about speech with anybody who agrees to something like the general shape of the above. But the internet is full of people who are committed to the logic of the state and place property rights over human rights — I share so little common ground with these folks that a discussion of anything so vague and abstract as “free speech rights” is a waste of everybody’s time.

Obviously, I live in the liberal capitalist hegemon, so the communities in which I find myself violate my principles in countless ways. I hope I live to see this cruel, violent system torn down so that I can participate in building a truly free world, or barring that, a truly free corner of it.