[Solved] Help request: SSL Certificates from Ariane to Lagrange

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get some of the certificates I’ve create in Ariane into Lagrange, which would allow me to use the same identity on my phone and laptop. I feel like I’ve reached the point where I need to actually understand SSL in order to make use of any of the resources I’ve found, so I’m frustrated.

Ariane allows you to “export” an identity, which appears to put the contents of a PEM file into the clipboard. Unfortunately Lagrange won’t take it. My first guess (which I’ll admit was a wild guess, I don’t know anything about SSL) was that the key needed to be encrypted, but poking around with openssl on the command line suggests that the key might not be valid? I’m definitely missing something and would rather not have to figure this out on my own. If anybody has pointers I’d be grateful for the help!

Update (2022-01-12)

A few folks were kind enough to reach out to help help with my issue and I’m happy to say that it’s solved.

maria had already figured out how to go in the other direction¹, and looking that over definitely helped me troubleshoot this. BiRabittoh² also had some really useful pointers.

But finally, jsv from disroot³ came through with the fix, which was embarrassingly simple: Ariane was adding a blank line after the base64-encoded key during export, and removing that in a text editor allowed the import to go smoothly.

1 openssl cert from ariane to lagrange
2 BiRabittoh on smol.pub
3 https://fe.disroot.org/@jsv