Family update

I’m hoping to stay semi-anonymous on this platform, but I can’t let this news pass without mention: my spouse and I welcomed our new child into the world recently, and that’s why I haven’t found time to write here.

This is not our first child, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby in the house. As I write this, my precious tiny newborn is sleeping on top of me. I’d very much like to be sleeping myself, but babies are supposed to be in their own beds, sleeping on their backs, but this one does not like to fall asleep that way. An issue to address some other time.

I’ve been obsessed “the future” — climate, technology, political and social systems, etc. — for a long time, but this pregnancy no doubt played a role in making these topics feel more urgent, and nudged me to start this log. I can expect to see about half as much of the future as this child, and it’s natural that I want them to live in a better world than this, let alone the most pessimistic projections of what’s to come.

I have so much more to say, but I think my baby is sleeping deeply enough to be moved to a crib. I’m going to do that now and catch some sleep.