I never thought to do so before, but I recently used the search engine at geminispace.info to query for backlinks to my posts here. I was pleasantly surprised to see that anybody has read anything I’ve written.


Starbreaker and I share an opinion about wireless headphones

AND other wireless peripherals. It feels validating to see this because none of my friends seem to feel as strongly as I do about this issue, even the more “ecoconscious” among them.

Starbreaker also has some trenchant commentary about gaming:

...The video game industry as a whole could be taken as a microcosm of everything that sucks about capitalism. Consoles are subject to planned obsolescence, perfectly good PCs get junked because the latest and greatest GPUs aren't compatible with old mainboards, and good luck playing old games if your only recourse is to download a bootleg copy and play it in an emulator.

Couldn’t agree more.


Old Man’s Mix shares some experiences with his Kona Ute

I was first exposed to longtail cargo bikes by an anonymous coworker, who parked a bike fitted with an Xtracycle FreeRadical at the same rack I used.

I’ve never used one of these bikes, so it was fun to hear a review from somebody who’s lived with one.

One cool thing that I learned while searching for details about the Xtracycle is that the company has open sourced their frame design. I understand that they wouldn’t have done this without realizing that it is a better benefit to their bottom line to have more people riding long bikes than it would be to police the use of their “intellectual property”. Still, it’s encouraging to see companies do the right thing!

mieum got a new bike

I’m a bit jealous, and reading this is nudging me more toward switching bikes. So glad that a more relaxing bike is working out!


I might start querying backlinks more often, but I need to check the smol.pub feed¹ regularly. I check Capcom about daily, but I’m definitely missing good stuff.

¹ smol.pub feed