I need to ride my bike more often

My bicycle was my primary mode of transport for most of my 20s and 30s, but when I first moved to the east coast I landed in a situation where bike commuting was out of the picture. Now that I work from home, I could be using my bike more often and I’m not.

It’s unfair to blame my bike, but it might have something to do with it. It’s an aggressive bike, and although it’s always been _fun_ to ride, it’s never been _comfortable_. Now I’m older, and more patient in general, so maybe it’s time for a more comfortable ride.

In my mind, that probably looks like a more relaxed geometry, full fenders, and an internally geared hub. The classic “English three speed”¹. I know that bikes were hard to find early in the pandemic, I wonder if that’s changed.

¹ “Servicing English Three Speeds”, with a brief introduction on the style of bike, originally written by the late Sheldon Brown.